2. Money and Divorce

What concerns should the unemployed or stay-at-home spouse have? What about the spouse who makes more money? What about the self-employed spouses? Learn more in today’s podcast.

4 Replies to “2. Money and Divorce”

  1. If the Non Custodial parents does not pay child support, very quickly they ‘release the hounds’ on you and the county sheriff comes a knockin’ But why isn’t it written into the rules of Child Support in Family Court that the custodial parent should have to account for every penny of the child support they are receiving from the non custodial parent and prove they are also contributing to their share of the children’s expenses? Every Custodial parent I know considers the Child Support to be what they receive from the Non Custodial parent, completely ignoring that if they also have income that they too are responsible for a specific dollar amount. It’s absurd that this isn’t an established rule that there should be a monthly or quarterly audit or Family Business Report. . Essentially it is a business partnership where one party has to finance the business and the other party takes the funds and does whatever they want with it…no accountability. I think this is a topic that would be of Great interest to Non Custodial parents who listen to your show. BTW…Great Podcast…Thank You!

    1. Thank you for your suggestion and feedback. We will definitely look into a show about child support “behind the curtain.” It is an important topic. Thanks for listening!

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