53. National Divorce Attorney Roundtable: How COVID-19 impacts clients, employees, and small businesses

Join us for a special episode of Divorce Happy Hour. We talk to some of the premier divorce attorneys from around the country about how COVID-19 and the economy are impacting their clients, their employees, and their businesses. There is a nugget in here for everyone!

Contact Information for our Guests:

  • Jenny Bradley, Esq. – 919-335-9924 and @TriSmartDivorce
  • Crista Branch, Esq. – 210-229-2088 and @crista_branch
  • Meghan Freed, Esq. – 860-560-8160 and @freedmarcroft
  • Katie Lewis, Esq. – 214-461-5028 and @katielewislaw
  • Christina Previte, Esq. – 732-384-1550 and @njfamlaw
  • Allison Tilton, Esq. – 951-467-4359 and @greylegalgroup

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